How do we figure out where the Lord is leading?

We all want to know God’s calling on our life. What is God asking of me? What would he have me do in any given situation?

Even in the work of mission, we want to know who the Lord would have us reach? Where would he have us go? We could go anywhere so why should we go to one place over another? We need the Lord to guide.

But how is he going to do that? Some guys had visions and dreams in the Early Church. But even if God gives us one of those, how do we know it’s from him? More to the point, even if we think it is, how do we know what to make of it? More than a few problems have been caused by people assuring themselves their dream is from the Lord and then insisting everyone follow.

So how do we know if some inner desire or sense of direction is from the Lord? Listen to the short clip below – centred on the early verses of Acts 16 – to hear the answer.