Why, tonight, we will remember the Reformation

Today we will be holding our annual Light Party (still room if you want to come!)

Instead of celebrating Halloween, we concern ourselves with something far better and greater that happened just over 500 years ago on the 31st October – the start of the Reformation. Instead of the darkness of Halloween, we will remember the old slogan post tenebras lux (after darkness, light). We will remember how the light of the gospel was seen afresh.

One of the most common questions I get from Muslims in our community is this: what is the difference between Catholic and Protestants? As they don’t celebrate Halloween either (they spend their lives terrified of the jinn), the 31st October gives us an excellent opportunity to ask one of their most common questions and gives us a clear door for the gospel. We can explain what happened 500 years ago, how it affects us today and why it is so very important.

Tonight, we are going to watch the below video together and then I am going to spell out the two key things the reformation was addressing: (1) how are we made right with God? (2) who (or what) has ultimate authority in matters of faith and practice?