What abuse is not

The concept of abuse is floating around a lot at the moment. It is absolutely right that we recognise that there are pastors who abuse

What’s the difference between a pastor and elders?

I was chatting with someone yesterday and explaining how co-equal, plural eldership works in our context. One of the questions was, how is the pastor

Pope Benedict XVI, Evangelicals & Gospel Unity

Jesus is not necessarily there to be copied

It is something of an assumed truism that Christians follow the example of Jesus. Of course we do. He is, after all, the founder and

What is the difference between Catholics and Protestants?

I am periodically asked, what is the difference between Catholics and Protestants? Sometimes, it is from visitors to the church looking into things. Sometimes, it

Why does the sovereignty of God matter?

At our weekly Theology Breakfast, we have been looking at the Doctrine of God the last couple of weeks. Yesterday, we were thinking about both

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