Does the Bible demand the disciplinary smacking of children?

It seems smacking (or, to use the American, spanking) has reared its head in Christian circles again. I recall some time ago John Piper arguing

Less leader and more shepherd and servant

Who is head of the church? In true Sunday School style, everyone knows the answer, as always, is Jesus. Colossians 1 and Ephesians 5 both

Don’t let the text become the slave of your framework

There is something in us that has this tendency to end up making verses say the exact opposite of what they are clearly saying. Often,

Muslim-Christian Dialogue: The authority of scripture

We held our monthly Muslim-Christian Dialogue event yesterday. This month, we spoke about the authority of the scriptures. As ever, there is much more we

Submission does not mean celebration

John Stevens has written a short post about the coronation of King Charles, and particularly the introduction of an oath the general public will be

The problem with slippery slope arguments

I’m not on twitter, as I previously mentioned here, but that still doesn’t stop some of it still getting through. My friend, Dave Williams, posted

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