Sola scriptura undergirds the other four solas

In our weekly Theology Breakfast, we have just started doing a historical theology track. In our case, that means a focus on the five solas

The worst atrocity in any possible job

I wonder what is the worst thing you could possibly do in your job? I don’t just mean the biggest mistake. I mean the worst

If it’s not in the Bible, you really don’t have to do it

It’s Friday, you’re probably tired, so let me liberate you a little. There are plenty of things that Jesus asks you to do, many things

What kind of messiah are you looking for?

I was recently prepping a sermon in Matthew 11. The passage concerns John the Baptist’s doubts concerning Jesus. Is he really the one God has

Just say something

One of our tendencies in the evangelical world is to hold out for a silver bullet. We want to know the simple trick, the little

It’s alright to prefer some books of the Bible more than others

I am, at the moment, preparing some sermons in the Gospel of Matthew. I’ll be honest, it is probably my least favourite of the four

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