Reasons to come and serve

I am not a well known pastor. I do not minister in a large or well known church. I am not related to anybody well known either. I am not connected to anybody well known. Nobody well known is backing any of our ventures and nor are they advocating for us in the circles in which they are well known. We are not big fish in the relatively small world of British Evangelicalism.

What this means is that we can do nothing to advance your standing in the Christian world. Coming to join us will not make you well known, it will not connect you up to other well known people and will not redound to your earthly glory. In short, there is no point joining our church if you are looking to make strides in the Christian world.

There are a few reasons, however, to come and join us. There is the essential need. People are dying in their sin and few people are willing to come to deprived towns like Oldham. There is the potential to grow in your gifts. We can offer theological training through the North West Training College as well as hands on training in preaching, bible study and evangelism. There is the opportunity to experience a truly multicultural ministry. There is the chance to engage in frontline mission to S. Asian and Middle Eastern Muslims as well as the white working class urban unreached.

The reason to come is not that you will improve your standing in the Christian world nor gain accolades for coming. It is because you have a missionary heart and long to see lost people come to Christ. The reason to come is because you long for to be rewarded by Christ in glory, not by men on earth. You should join us because you want to serve where there is real need and genuine opportunity to serve, grow and develop new skills.

You can see the opportunities available at Oldham Bethel Church here.

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