Snippets from the interweb (13th August 2017)

4 things God cannot do

I know the Bible says nothing is impossible for God (twice, in fact) but these comments are made in particular contexts and are probably better understood as saying things we might consider impossible as humans are not so for God. Nonetheless, there are things the Bible expressly tells us God cannot do. Here are four of them.

The growing intolerance of the ‘diversity’ movement

When even that bastion of quaint and genteel Englishness, the National Trust, are threatening those who merely express disquiet over supporting an overtly political gay lobby campaign, we can be sure we have reached peak absurdity.

Why dying churches die

It is possible to turn dying churches around. Some, however, are almost certain to die. Thom Rainer lists the common features of those dying churches that eventually go on to die.

Justice, the Church and repentance

Dave Williams asks some searching questions on exactly how inclusive we are in the church: ‘Did we miss the opportunity to share the Gospel effectively with Pakistani immigrants and so allowed Islam to gain a foothold in this country because we imbibed the mood of suspicion and fear from the prevailing culture?’

8 reasons to memorise scripture

It is a practice that has often been lost in the modern church, no doubt in part due to the easy accessibility of the scriptures both in print and on devices. But I appreciate John Piper’s simple and clear reasoning behind the practice of memorising scripture.

Lies about recovery

Emma Scrivener tackles sixteen lies about recovery, relevant for anybody struggling with addiction and/or illness.

From the archive: Must I have a heart for people before I reach them?

‘It is a common enough objection to engaging in evangelistic outreach, “I don’t really have a heart for that” or “that’s not where my heart is”. So, it seems a valid question to ask whether we need a specific “heart” for particular peoples and geographical areas before we can engage in evangelism?’