Vaughan Roberts & Unfaithful Evangelical Responses To The Bishop of Oxford

Aren’t the more loving ones those who teach what Jesus actually says?

I saw the following tweet on twitter yesterday and thought it probably worth giving a longer form comment. One can’t say everything on twitter. Let

Fundamentalists, liberals and Evangelicalism

I think the basic difference between theological fundamentalists and theological liberals can be summed up this way: fundamentalists think everything is a first order issue

Over- and Under-defining doctrine

We’ll call out all forms of racism in our ranks, except this one

If you have been paying attention, you will have noticed antisemitism has been in the news lately. There was, of course, the horrendous Holocaust joke

Should we cede the term ‘Evangelical’ to those who mangle it?

In the last few days, Thabiti Anyabwile announced the following: I would encourage you to read the three further tweets in that thread. They provide

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