Teachers ‘n’ trainers UK (LockDown Lookbook)

We may be heading into a second-wave lockdown but true style never rests. Forced to stay in? These guys have got you covered. Be the Conservative Evangelical preacher you want to be. This is the lockdown lookbook.

Red shirt or blue shirt? Rather than reveal the unpleasant truth, Adam has opted for the natty blue. Standing in front of stark puritan white background, he ensures the only truth being revealed is the Word. His hairstyle may be styled on Agent Smith but this look screams, I’ve left the matrix!

Alright you ‘orrible lot! Stui preaches in front of curtains from the army surplus store which complements the Full Metal Jacket hairstyle. Its a look that says stand to attention, whilst the paper plane shirt adds a lightness to this leadership. There will be no members going AWOL with this commanding look.

Ste is rocking a North Face t-shirt to prove he’s just a regular scouser but the art nouveau tapestry room divider carries an air of the Dowager Duchess. The eclectic style is complete with an imitation Spurgeon beard to ensure that this look, which spans the centuries, keeps the theology front and centre.

Jon offsets the posh shirt over shirt look with a simple pair of skinny jeans that are sure to set tongues wagging on the estate. The sweet keyboard setup saying we mean business is offset beautifully with a basic hobby craft trolley to insist that we’re still totally approachable.

Maurice is sporting Alan Carr style glasses whilst carrying himself more like Justin Lee Collins. He couples the specs with a loud shirt that screams… Well, it just screams, whilst the branded Hollister logo guarantees the title of ‘fun uncle’ is maintained. The trendy lighting adds a touch of class that is bound to appeal as much to the students as the hipsters on Bold Street. It’s a look that says if you can’t keep up, you should be very disappointed with yourself.

See you next season.

Teachers ‘N’ Trainers is a collaberation between Stephen Kneale (@Steve_Kneale), Sophie Killingley (@PrettySophieK) and Sam Anderson (@SpeeksUK).