Teachers ‘N’ Trainers UK (Live Stream Lookbook)

Teachers ‘N’ Trainers is back bringing you the hottest looks from the Conservative Evangelical preachers you want to be. COVID-19 may have us in lock down but that isn’t stopping these trend setters. Standards must be maintained even on video link.

This is the Live Stream Lookbook.

Who says live stream warrants a sloppy appearance? Not William.

Here he is sporting an upmarket Gieves & Hawkes blazer coupled with a smart blue tie. Standing in front of an imposing pulpit, this commanding officer makes sure it’s all eyes on him.

Dr Masters is sporting a classic twill shirt but, flirting with charismatic tendencies, has flipped expectations with salmon colouring. Thankfully, he exorcises any such demons with this straight grey Charles Tyrwhitt suit.

The gold-edged KJV Bible screams reverence while the paisley pattern tie promises to keep the new worship movement at bay.

Peter knows except the Lord clothe the preacher, he preacheth in vain.

Mark is showing proper Protestant thrift and wearing one of the classic short-sleeve M&S white shirts that come only in a 3-pack. He has coupled it with a wide mid blue tie for that fresh out of school look. The white emulsion paint finishes off the no frills, dissenting Puritan chapel look.

Rocking Nonconformist chic, Mark says every week is an opportunity to party like it’s 1689.

Nothing says a big win at Ascot like Oliver’s baby blue suit. Coupled with the red goose pattern tie, this is a look so grand it could go national.

Of course, no low church dissenters would be found indulging such worldly pursuits and the natty attire serves only to offset the puritan decor of exposed stone, ensuring the only big winner here is the preached Word.

It’s not often you see pure silk for £8.99, but Jeremy rocks this striped tie he bought from Nobby Burton (two for a tenner, yes please!). Stood in front of imposing blue drape curtains, it’s a look that is equally at home for worship, weddings or funerals. Avoiding any stench of death, Jeremy brightens things up with a Puritan grey suit and ice white twill shirt.

There will be no final curtain with a look this good, just one long Nonconformist encore.

Nothing says Protestant like a strong orange tie. Mike offsets it with a navy suit and ice white shirt for the diligent pastor in lock down look. To add to the strong style, Mike has positioned himself in front of a book case of commentaries. The BST series are carefully positioned to say ‘accessible’ while the heavier weight hardback Henry’s show true theological depth.

Let your livestream speak volumes with this classic look.

Showing he is a proper nonconformist, Jim has rejected the standard issue blazer and displays his rebellious streak in this blue lambswool sleeveless pullover. Opting to reject a tie, Jim goes for a more casual open-neck look, making him the Mick Jagger of the Conservative Evangelical world. Unlike Mick, Jim is perfectly satisfied in this fine regalia.

Jim would clearly rather be meeting with his local church, but he knows you can’t always get what you want.

See you next season.