Teachers ‘N’ Trainers UK (2020 Christmas Catwalk)

This Christmas will certainly be like no other. COVID-19 might be running rampant, we aren’t allowed to go outside and now it seems like Europe have locked us out and turned Dover into a giant car park too. We all need a bit of Christmas cheer and these trend-setters have got us covered. Don’t let the Anglicans have all the bells and smells, get your jingle bells on, grab your advent candles and be the Christmassy Evangelicals you want to be.

This is the Teachers ‘N’ Trainers 2020 Christmas Catwalk!

Adam is getting into the festive Spirit with Sainsbury’s finest penguin motif Christmas jumper. He offsets the naff jumper with a retro living spaces sofa to leave us guessing as to whether he is being ironic or he is fully embracing a holly, jolly Christmas. The corporate-style office sofa means, whether for a Christmas service or being caught out by a camera man beginning to film him unexpectedly, Adam is always ready for business.

Richard is rocking an Xact reindeer jumper for that smooth 70s vibe. The tiny ceramic Christmas tree screams thrifty decor and it presents the perfect backdrop to his 70s pub-style sofa. It’s a look that says there’ll always be room in this inn.

Don’t be fooled by the jaunty reindeer pattern, Doug is contextualising for Yorkshire and having a merry Socialist Christmas. The reindeer represent hard work, the unsubtle red speaks to communist commitments and the authoritarian signage adds to the totalitarian look. Comrade Clark wishes you all an equitable and merry state-approved Christmas.

Gareth is wearing a Next Christmas jumper offset by a 7ft Christmas tree. The jumper might suggest a man who has never done a day’s work with his hands while the real tree implies lumberjack tendencies. Despite boldly wearing what no preacher has worn before, his face tells the story of a man who has just heard a comment from his wife about his Christmas getup.

Brian is working hard to take our attention away from the unpronounceable name of his church by wearing this garish Christmas blazer. It is offset by the full etsy experience of wooden advent calendar and framed pictures behind him. If the online shop didn’t see him coming, the jacket ensures you certainly will!