Teachers ‘N’ Trainers UK (Christmas)

Following on from our hugely successful launch – bringing you the best looks of 2019 as worn by the FIEC pastors you want to emulate – we are pleased to announce the new Teachers ‘N’ Trainers Christmas 2019 collection. See the hottest winter looks and latest gear from your favourite Conservative Evangelical Bible teachers.

Dave is modelling a smart casual look that’s a conference winner all-year round. Why go festive when you can stay cool with a strong denim & Casio watch combo?

This is a look that is here to stay whatever the weather.

Here comes Bill sporting a look that will keep all those trainee pastors on task and fully attentive. His Bengal striped shirt screams I’m the principal in charge whilst the Sven-Goran Eriksson glasses will lead people to glory in a way the Swede never could.

Why go festive when you can look this good in blue?

Garry has paired a classic, open neck blue button down shirt with some brown chinos.

The chinos say, I’m a serious Bible teacher while the open neck shirt claims, I’m still totally approachable.

Why go festive when you can mix authority and approachability with this classic combo?

Nothing says I’m a believer like the Peter Christian jacket Steve is wearing. Paired with a bold Gant gingham shirt, he’s counselling us all to be ready for gospel action.

Why go festive when you can wear your faith boldly?

Rob is crushing his contextualisation by sporting this natty Bengal striped shirt. He has paired it with some classic specs so that seeing he can definitely perceive.

Why go festive when you can contextualise like a boss?

Here’s John modelling a Jacamo button down shirt proving that uncompromising height doesn’t mean compromising your style. He has paired it with a Maplin clearance microphone demonstrating frugal stewardship and an I-don’t-care-attitude that says I don’t need a Britney mic to be on trend.

Why go festive when you can stand tall and trendy?

Neil is sporting a neat button down shirt with a cycling motif showing that he is Tête de la Course. He has coupled this with a VIP badge to add to that way ahead of the peloton look.

Why go festive when you can lead the pack?

There’s nothing strange in shopping at Sainsbury’s and Dan knows that full well. He pulls off this plaid shirt which says “I’m one of you guys” and gives his look new balance with burgundy trainers. This guy knows what’s up in pop culture, and blends in seamlessly with the guys down his local supermarket.

Why go festive when you can stay plugged into the culture?

Here’s Tim in a festive golden jacket, a unique item from the Sue Ryder shop, that screams cruise liner chic. He has paired it with some Burton jeans for that game show host vibe.

Why go festive when you can look like a C-Grade Michael Barrymore?

Graham is rocking this festive outfit. It’s a punchy little number that will hit an Arian between the eyes with style and grace.

But maybe don’t go festive as Satan Santa can make your kids little legalists.

See you for the release of our Spring collection.