Triggernometry – Dr Ella Hill – I Am a Grooming Gang Survivor: My Story

This is a really vital interview that I encourage you to watch all the way through. It is not only significant in its own right but important at this particular moment in time.

I have commented on this issue before here, here, here and here. Whilst the first three were specifically on point for this particular interview, the last one – though I reference this issue – was me calling the coming of the discussions that are now taking place six months before they started.

Dr Ella Hill ought to be heard in her own words and on her own terms. What she has suffered is (still) an issue locally for us here in Oldham and in nearby places like Rochdale too.

On his blog, David Robertson summed up the key points in the interview this way:

Half a million girls have been systematically abused over the past 40 years. Because of race and religion.

The police told me there was nothing they could do-  because it was the culture of the time.

You can’t commit hate crime against a white person.  Although I was told I was raped because I was white but the police said they could not treat this as a race hate crime.

I forgive and love my enemies because of my Christian faith – that’s my choice.

I am scared of Antifa and the anti-Fascists so have to be anonymous. Family members are scared because of them. People are scared to have a union jack in the garden…they are scared to show white skin so they cover up.

I get called a Nazi, fascist and enemy of Islam.

I get called ‘Gammon’ – I hate it. We were called easy meat when we were raped and abused.

Shut up for the sake of diversity – be careful not to offend different ethnic groups

To be told you are racist for reporting racist abuse is shocking. I reported racist tweets against white people and was told by Twitter we don’t remove anti-white tweets because historically whites have not been marginalised.

BLM is frightening to me because I was forced to bend the knee and kiss my perpetrators’ feet.

The Home Office report on grooming gangs was not published because they were scared of it provoking anti-Muslim attacks.

I hope they will look at the spiritual issues as well because there is spiritual abuse.

Because of the BLM movement we can’t say that everyone’s live matters. They are anti-White and anti-Western.

There are a lot of victims from working class families.

A lot of them think they are racist because the police tell them they are racist. There was one girl whose evidence did not count because the police said they were racist.

Corporate diversity panels need to make sure they are balanced.

White Fragility (the book) is upholding the grooming gang ideology that white people are trash.

Political correctness means that a member of parliament cannot stand up for rape victims.

Dr Ella Hill is a Rotherham grooming gang survivor. Support her work: