Partisan application of the rules

Danny Finkelstein has written this comment piece in The Times (paywall) with which I am in full agreement. Perhaps one of my friends who is

What abuse is not

The concept of abuse is floating around a lot at the moment. It is absolutely right that we recognise that there are pastors who abuse

How regularly do we expect Luthers to pop up in church history? Apparently, a lot!

A lot has been said of pastors abusing their congregations. There are certainly wolves out there who seem to view the sheep as their personal

If child marriage is child abuse…

Within the last year, charities have been arguing for an end to marriage at 16. Under UK law, it has been possible to marry at

Being on tablets is not an excuse for misbehaviour

I have read in the last few days about yet another scandal in the Christian world. I am not going to link to it here

Does Evangelical theology lead to abuse?

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