Stephen Sizer, church courts & whether we’ll say anything yet

Yesterday, Stephen Sizer found himself in the news due to his appearance before a church court regarding allegations of antisemitism. Rather than say anything new,

We’ll call out all forms of racism in our ranks, except this one

If you have been paying attention, you will have noticed antisemitism has been in the news lately. There was, of course, the horrendous Holocaust joke

What should happen to Jimmy Carr?

Over the weekend, Jimmy Carr stoked up a controversy after he made an ill-advised joke about the holocaust. It was simultaneously offensive and racist, particularly

Carrie Bourassa, transracialism & where the logic pushes us on gender

Yesterday, The Times reported that Canadian academic, Carrie Bourassa, has been placed on administrative leave from her university after an investigation questioned her claims of

It’s not anti-woke; it’s just racist

Is it a bit early for getting in the mood for Christmas? Well, maybe. But I understand why the shops are beginning to gear up

Triggernometry – Dr Ella Hill – I Am a Grooming Gang Survivor: My Story

This is a really vital interview that I encourage you to watch all the way through. It is not only significant in its own right

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