The only guarantee that you can think and say what you want

If you doubt that there is a systematic, ideological drive to instill state orthodoxy, I suggest you watch this video of a pupil being disciplined in a Scottish school.

The crime: to suggest that there are only two genders, male and female. The pupil, rightly, asks how the ‘inclusive’ view of the teacher is at all inclusive of his differing opinion. The teacher’s response is to restate a policy that such opinions are not permissible. The reasoning is absolutely incredible. Worse still, that a school – the very place where we ought to be encouraging free thought and the investigation of ideas, even if deemed “dangerous” – should be the very place to close such things down.

If you think these things are an isolated incident, think again. Just recently, there was the outcry over Munroe Bergdorf and the NSPCC. Those who dare demur from prescribed state orthodoxy shall not be permitted to speak. As David Robertson noted on his blog:

Our arts Establishment are not free thinkers either.   Everywhere you go the Trans ideology is presupposed and imposed.  We were in London last week and the South Bank was full of Trans ‘art’…..If you want to see how the Educational and Arts Establishments are intertwined then read this horrific account of ‘training’ for teachers at the Hayward Gallery 

Whatever your views on this particular issue, we surely all have to worry when it is increasingly impossible to state alternate views to those pushed by politicians, promoted in the media and prescribed in the mainstream. When we are not allowed to even voice dissenting opinion, or raise the merest disquiet about the things we are being told we ought to believe, we really have entered the stuff of dystopia.

If you do not recognise these things are happening, if you never find yourself on the receiving end of criticism for voicing views and opinions, it may be that you are just much more careful than others in what you say and think. Or maybe, you have swallowed the orthodox views you have been taught to maintain and you are not as independent a thinker as you might like to believe.

As ever, whether you agree with the establishment line on this issue or not, if you will not tolerate dissenting opinion you may well find yourself on the receiving end of the same one day. The only guarantee you have that you will be allowed to think and say what you want – such as you believe you freely hold to it – is that you are willing to let others think and say what they want too. The Manic Street Preachers famously sang, ‘if you tolerate this, then your children will be next.’ I fear they were out by a generation.