If it’s not in the Bible, you really don’t have to do it

It’s Friday, you’re probably tired, so let me liberate you a little. There are plenty of things that Jesus asks you to do, many things

The essential problem with Pride

I am loath to write into this because of the inevitable kickback. Though, I think, the growing number of voices objecting to the ideology that

Trade unions, dissenters and the things we all enjoy

Mick Lynch, General Secretary of the RMT, has said that further strike dates are almost inevitable. He is convinced that a deal is there to

There may be a logically consistent argument for unrestricted gun ownership, but this isn’t it

When yet another US school shooting happens – and it is pretty much always a US event – the arguments about guns inevitably come up

So long non-crime hate incidents, and thanks for all the memories

I have spoken about the reporting by police of non-crime hate incidents before. Notably, in this post regarding South Yorkshire Police amongst others. In the

Stop binding consciences and marking spirituality by Christmas celebrations

Over recent years, there has been a push by some to mark spirituality according to your Christmas celebrations. In the red corner, there are those

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