Monthly afternoon service – The Gospel

Once per month, we have an afternoon service. We purposefully try not to replicate what we do in our morning meeting. We usually watch a video, break into discussion groups led by a capable teacher and then discuss two or three questions. We then have a plenary feedback session before watching a second video, to push our thinking a bit further, and doing the same again.

This month, we decided to look at the gospel. Here is what we did:

  1. Where might our presentations of the gospel be strong and where are they deficient?
  2. What bits of the gospel are we tempted to emphasise and which bits are we tempted to downplay here in Oldham? Why?
  3. How can we make sure we are sharing the gospel as it really is and not over/under emphasising certain aspects of it?
  1. What practical difference should the gospel make to our lives?
  2. What ways are we tempted to live as though Jesus is not Lord?
  3. How can we ensure the gospel penetrates all areas of our life?