The process of preparing a sermon

When I prepare most sermons, I try to block out around two days or c.16 hours to get them done. Often, I don’t use up

Don’t overlook Sunday meetings

In the Christian world, we are never far away from someone – or several someones – loading us up with guilt about something or other

The weekly elders’ meeting

I was talking with another pastor the other week and we got round to discussing eldership and how we operate respectively. On our eldership, we

World Cup finals, church and a telling matter of priorities

I should say from the front end, I am writing this on Friday – before anyone has or hasn’t been to church this morning –

Your preaching is primarily for believers

In certain circles, seeking to get unbelievers into church is seen as the highest possible goal. There is nothing better, according to some, when unbelievers

Breaks in ministry & summer slowdowns

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