Advent Creep

Don’t overlook Sunday meetings

In the Christian world, we are never far away from someone – or several someones – loading us up with guilt about something or other

Why the church should rethink the business of weddings

Why shifting your service (or cancelling it altogether) is not the evangelistic opportunity some insist it is

In the aftermath of the women’s world cup – having written before the final so that I wasn’t pointing fingers at any particular individuals –

Coutts, Farage and that regular refrain rolling around again

Ugh, here we go again! It is sad to have to begin this by explaining that I am not a great fan of Nigel Farage.

Your preaching is primarily for believers

In certain circles, seeking to get unbelievers into church is seen as the highest possible goal. There is nothing better, according to some, when unbelievers

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