Building Jerusalem podcast – 23rd March 2019

So, big news: we’ve got a Building Jerusalem podcast in the pipeline. The first episode should be live on 23rd March.

The plan is to have a weekly podcast discussing ministry, theology, ecclesiology and politics – all the kind of stuff that tends to get written about on this blog – except instead of just me cacking on, I’ve roped in a regular co-host. The ministry focus will be church in deprived communities.

There should be some interesting debate because my co-host isn’t a right-thinking Particular Baptist like me but an Anglican vicar who likes sprinkling babies and takes his orders from a geezer in a pointy hat and a special frock. So, we don’t agree about everything. But we do both want to see the gospel going out, Christ glorified and many people from deprived communities coming to a lasting faith in the Lord Jesus.

Hopefully you will enjoy it and find it interesting. You will be able to access the feed via this site. You will also be able to subscribe through iTunes and other such services too.

Watch this space.