You don’t have to listen to me!

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about the voices that we are called to listen to in ministry. I think the four groups of people

When Paul Simon met John Stott (and what we can learn from it today)

I recently came across the following account of when the singer, Paul Simon, met the one-time leader of Anglican evangelicalism, John Stott. Here is what

Six principles for meaningful interfaith dialogue

As long-time readers will know, we have regular meetings with our Muslim neighbours to discuss our respective faiths and beliefs. We currently do this on

Logic, culture and what is “logical” anyway?

Many people like to think of themselves as logical thinkers. My Myers-Briggs personality test is almost always INTJ, which means I am (or at least

Why twitter has lost its value for us

The problem with slippery slope arguments

I’m not on twitter, as I previously mentioned here, but that still doesn’t stop some of it still getting through. My friend, Dave Williams, posted

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