If you can’t answer this, you can’t be a Christian or a church member

There is a question you can ask that will tell you, fairly simply, if it is even possible for you to be a Christian or not. It’s not a cast-iron guarantee that if you can answer it then you definitely belong to Christ, but it is certainly true that if you can’t answer it then you can’t possibly belong to him. To not be able to answer it means you can’t know Christ and also means you cannot be involved in the mission into which he calls every believer. It is a vital question that you need to be able to answer.

The question is so important, we ask it of every person who asks us whether we will baptise them and welcome them into membership of the church. It gives us a clear steer as to whether the person asking has truly come to know Christ or not. It is my view that every person seeking membership of the local church should be asked this question and should be able to give a credible answer to it.

Listen to the short clip to hear the question, why it is important and how it can help you discern whether it’s even possible for you to believe in Christ or not.