Preachers, personalities and what often drives our assessment of a good sermon

Have you ever noticed that people often find good preachers where they happen to like people? If someone doesn’t particularly like somebody – whether for

Pointed application and avoiding disjointed sermons

Yesterday, I wrote about the problem of disjointed sermons. I suggested you don’t always have to find a ‘big idea’ because there isn’t always one

The source of disjointed sermons

Time was when preachers would stand up on Sunday morning, announce ‘my text for today is…’ and proceed to preach from a single, or maybe

Don’t overlook Sunday meetings

In the Christian world, we are never far away from someone – or several someones – loading us up with guilt about something or other

The advantages of a sermon buffer

What to do if you preach a bad sermon?

As I have come off Facebook and Twitter, I have re-opened comments on the blog. You are welcome to post your comments below. Every preacher

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