Snippets from the interweb (25th November 2018)

You can read more of the Bible than you think 

Encouraging to read that you only need 12 minutes a day to read through the Bible in a year. It’s not much really is it? 

Is God not hearing or are we not listening?

I appreciated this honest reflection on the prayer for more workers. Given that Jesus told us pray this, I am sure we can pray it rightly. Nor do I think if the Lord hasn’t provided those workers yet he necessarily won’t if we keep praying importunately. But this article helpfully points out some dangers that could be lurking in our own hearts as we pray it.

We overdo our respect for the EU. Britain can flourish outside it

Economic journalist for The Guardian – Larry Elliot – suggests that the impact of leaving the EU will not be even close to as bad as many claim. Indeed, he suggests it might be quite good.

The Gelding of God

‘Of course God is not a man in exactly the same way that a human being is a man. Whoever would have said otherwise? But what is emphatically clear, from the first chapter of the Bible onwards, is that our male-ness and female-ness is an integral part of how God displays his image in mankind. And so when Jesus directs us to call God our Father, and to know him as the Son, he is doing so because these things in humanity are images of the reality which is present in God. God is truly Father, the one from whom all fatherhood in heaven and on earth receives its name (Ephesians 3:14-15). And this points to the reality that the sexual difference speaks both of the difference between God and his creation, and of God’s design to bring mankind into married union with himself.’

Four key attitudes that are killing church attendance

Thom Rainer does his thing. Here are four attitudes that are having a devastating effect attendance.

6 ways to show your child God’s design for ethnic diversity

This is good, even if written more broadly to an American context. But I’d add a simple 7th suggestion – take your children to a church where different ethnicities worship together (and particularly those places where ethnic minorities are given a level of prominence in the service).

From the archive: In the long-run we are all dead

‘There is a danger that we simply hope the problems in our particular church will right themselves and we will, eventually, return to some sort of steady state. Whilst not in any way denying the vital importance of prayer, all too often we spiritualise our inaction and claim we are relying on God when really we are refusing to trust him by acting in faith upon his Word.’