Snippets from the interweb (9th September 2018)

Theresa May’s worst policy ever

‘A great deal was said about the Prime Ministers dancing ability (or lack thereof). I smiled about it – until I heard about this evil. Now I cannot help but reflect that she is dancing on the graves of Africa’s children.’

Is it God’s will to always heal?

If you think the answer to this is anything other than ‘no’, you have been fed a lie. ‘Theology has consequences. And bad theology always produces bad consequences. My friend Alex experienced those cruel consequences firsthand.’

The first two minutes matter most

‘Today Christians are gathering all across the world for our worship services. We will read the Bible, sing the Bible, pray the Bible, preach the Bible, and learn better how to live out the Bible. Then the service will end and the first two minutes will matter most.’

Hidden gems

This excellent from Nathan Young. Who are the hidden gems in your church? There almost certainly some you’re overlooking.

“No goods and services”: What our church’s financial secretary sent us

‘At the risk of letting my right hand know what my left hand is doing, I will state here openly that our family regularly gives a non-zero amount of dollars to our church. I have proof of this, because recently our church sent out to all of its givers their quarterly Contribution Statements. And on it, a sentence caught my eye: No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contributions, other than intangible religious benefits.

Paul condemns American slavery

This applies equally to the British slave trade. Far from permitting the slave trade, scripture is quite clear on it being sinful.

From the archive: Don’t be weirder than you have to be

‘I hope we can all agree that standing up on a packed train wearing a rucksack and, apropos of nothing, denouncing homosexuality and sex before marriage is an example of being weird for no particular reason. If, indeed, you doubt it, note the people literally risking their life jumping onto live electrical train tracks in order to get away from this guy should leave little doubt. It is heartening that the guy was not arrested (as is wont these days) and we can all stand up for his right to say such things freely. But, as far as evangelistic technique and pastoral insight go, one doesn’t need to be a genius to see this is pretty awful.’