10 reasons why Oldham is awesome and you should definitely come

In the wake of yesterday’s blog post, a Twitter conversation ensued. Apparently our training opportunities looked awesome but one had to get over three little words, ‘commit to Oldham’. Here is how that conversation went including ten reasons why Oldham is awesome and you should come.

The list, for what it is worth, is not exhaustive. There are lots of great reasons to consider a move to Oldham.

One of them is our excellent training opportunities. We have fee-waivers for one, two or four-year placements available with formal training offered through the North West Partnership Ministry Training Course or our onsite delivery of the Union School of Theology Graduate Diploma. For more information about training with us, please visit the training page of our website.

To apply for a placement with us, please send:

  • A ministry CV detailing your ministry experience and work background
  • A covering letter explaining why you want to train with us, why you think you would be a good fit and including your testimony of faith
  • A completed ministry proforma (available on request) explaining your doctrinal position on several issues