Deadlines for funded placement – 30th June and 1st August

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you will know that we have some funded placements and training available. We’ve got options on one, two and four-year placements. You can join with us on the North West Ministry Training Programme for one or two years, the Union School of Theology Graduate Diploma in Theology for two years or, with no ministry experience, join us for four years beginning with the NW MTC and followed up with the UST GDip.

Alongside those certified training programmes, we also offer an in-house Urban Ministry Training Programme. Joining with us will give you opportunities to reach out with the gospel to the white urban unreached as well as involvement in ministry to Asian Muslims.

You will gain experience of engaging in apologetics with South Asian Muslims – predominantly from Pakistan and Bangladesh – as well as Bible study opportunities with Iranian and Afghan asylum seekers and white British indigenous Oldhammers. You will meet people from a range of backgrounds and gain insight into multicultural, multiethnic church.

We can give you training in how to deliver sermons to a multicultural congregation, delivering Bible studies to asylum seekers, white Brits and mixed groups, training in both cold-contact evangelism and sharing the gospel through friendship in an urban setting. You will gain insight into the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the white urban poor as well as issues affecting asylum seekers and the reality of being a South Asian Muslim in an industrial town in the North of England.

However, to enrol in the formal courses, there are deadlines. To enrol on the GDip, your application will need to be submitted to Union by 30th June. If you are looking to join us on the MTC, your application will need to be with the NW Partnership by the beginning of August. Both courses commence in September.

If you would like to know more about our training courses, please visit our training page. If you would like to join with us on a one, two or four-year placement – completing the NW Partnership training course and UST GDip – do get in touch using the contact form at the top of this blog.

To apply for a placement with us, please send:

  • A ministry CV detailing your ministry experience and work background
  • A covering letter explaining why you want to train with us, why you think you would be a good fit and including your testimony of faith
  • A completed ministry proforma (available on request) explaining your doctrinal position on several issues