The gap between reality and Nick Griffin’s imagination

It should come as no surprise to anyone of any sense that Nick Griffin is a hulking buffoon of the highest order. In his latest attempt to gain notoriety and elicit any sort of attention, Griffin has claimed to be both the voice of the “silent majority” as well as the voice of the British Christian. Sadly, the gap between reality and Nick Griffin’s imagination is far from small. 

In the first instance, were the BNP truly the voice of the silent majority, one cannot help but think they would not be quite so silent in a general election. By its very nature, a secret ballot allows those who would be silent in public to say something secretly in the privacy of the voting booth. Indeed, that is why the secret ballot was brought in! A quick glance at the number of MPs returned by the BNP puts paid to that theory. Even a look at their better return of local councillors hardly rescues this claim. 

Grififn could, of course, be claiming to represent the majority of people who don’t turn out to vote at all. Sadly, this is a claim so unquantifiable it is hardly worth making. More than that, were they making any sort of impact at all, Griffin’s leadership of an already unpopular fringe party full or thugs, racists and cretins would not be faltering to the extent that it evidently is. Note their single significant electoral gain, Andrew Brons MEP, has recently defected from the party.

More bizarrely, Nick Griffin now claims to be standing up for the downtrodden British Christian. Whatever one feels about B&B owners turning away a homosexual couple from their establishment, or one’s right to voice such opinions, it is hard to see how Nick Griffin is any way reflecting general Christian feeling. Griffin’s publication of the homosexual couple’s address via twitter and suggestion of sending a “British Justice” team to their house leads one to conclude that he, at the very least, hasn’t read his Bible properly. Quite rightly, his comments and suggestions have been denounced in the secular press, in the Christian press, and by the gay and Christian couples involved.

The reality is, Nick Griffin and the BNP hold policies antithetical to plethora of the Bible’s teaching. They stand on a platform which the majority of Christian believers find repugnant. They do not have a foothold in the churches of Britain and they are not in line with the teachings of the churches in Britain. In the few situations where they coincidentally find themselves in accidental agreement with Christian people, their response is so alarmist, extreme and unbiblical that no bible-believing Christian could possibly have any business associating with them.

Now, one may feel I am unfairly singling out the BNP given that other mainstream parties also fail to live up to scripture. Whilst it is true that other mainstream parties fail to uphold basic biblical teaching, one cannot deny they have never claimed to be trying. Nor have they claimed the support, or to be acting as a specific outlet, for Christianity in Britain. The BNP, more specifically Nick Griffin, has made such a claim and it has been found considerably wanting.

In the words of a friend of mine: Dear Nick Griffin… shut up.”