Let the fine words fall where they may

All of us Christians like to think that everything we do is thoroughly biblical. We all genuinely believe we speak when and where the Bible

That stuff about Original Sin speaks to where we’re at as a society

So, a few days ago, one of the weirder things trending on Twitter was #OriginalSin. It’s not your usual Twitter fare. And when you clicked

The bottom line: just have a go!

I don’t often share stories related to my children, partly because I have a reputation for being aggressive and horrible to uphold (so I am

Enough with the courses!

Why don’t people do evangelism? At root, the answer is simple enough: they don’t want to. Why don’t churches do much in the way of

Laura’s story

We periodically upload videos of members’ testimonies. We recently recorded Laura’s story. So, here it is.

Mindfulness, narcissism and the solution to self-centredness

Last Tuesday, The Times (paywall) reported that mindfulness and meditation ‘lead to narcissism and spiritual superiority’. That wasn’t just a baseless opinion, but the product

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