Moons, Morality and Control

My family and I got back from holiday last week. We went to a place we go to with some regularity; a little fishing village

After baptism, then what?

Yesterday, I spoke about what we were doing as we baptised an Iranian brother at our church. The natural follow on question is, what now?

Why Matthew Parris is wrong about Christianity & victim-status

On Easter Saturday, Matthew Parris wrote this particularly terrible article in The Times. It is almost certainly worthy of a reply, but there is so

How antagonistic is our culture to Christianity?

There are no boring testimonies

One of the things that people often find boring, ordinary and run-of-the-mill is Christian testimonies. I don’t mean they find testimonies in general boring, but

Three reasons a decline in people identifying as Christian in the census is no cause for concern

Yesterday, The Times reported that less than half the population in England and Wales now identify as Christian. This will no doubt also provide the

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