Snippets from the interweb (17th July 2022)

18 things to pray for your church

I really liked this one. I prayed for some of them when I read it.

Preach for a response!

A short but sweet one this.

The future of ministry is local

I’m not sure ministry has ever not been local. Nor should it ever have been anything other than local. But this one speaks to how the future of it is local.

Do unto others: four principles for reading well

It is easy to make mistakes when reading and to badly interpret what other people meant. Here are four principles to help us read the Bible well and understand what was intended.

The bullseye of an effective sermon

This one wants to encourage us to preach to the conscience in order to lead people to Christ.

Five words to pray for your church

We often skip over these bits of the Bible, but here is why we shouldn’t and how they can help us pray for our own churches.

From the archive: Acts as though there are visitors in the room

‘It may seem tiresome to the regular membership to hear yet another statement of where the toilets are, to please turn off your phones, that there is/isn’t a Sunday School and there is where you do/don’t go for it. Telling guys who have been Christians for over half a century where to find the really well known book of the Bible you will be reading from might feel like you’re teaching your grandmother to suck eggs, but these things really are important.’