Extra snippets from the interweb (18 April 2022)

As it was Easter Sunday yesterday, the Snippets were all Easter themed. So, I thought I would share some of the other non-Easter themed posts I read last week.

Mission is the problem

‘When we argue about the place of evangelism and social action in mission, what we are actually doing is differing over how we fit two biblical imperatives into a concept which is not actually found in the Bible in the first place. Now, there may be a legitimate place for discussion about the relative place of social action and evangelism in the Bible, but introducing the term “mission” into the discussion just muddies the waters. We don’t actually need to use the word “mission” at all.’

Why I am a Baptist

Al Mohler outlines the history and development of the Baptists and rounds off with why he is one: ‘I believe that Baptists have something important—even crucial—to add to the Christian tradition and to strengthen Christian witness in the world today. Baptists are often a noisy part of the Body of Christ, but I hope we are a needed part as well.’

When the great resignation comes to church

Tim Challies: “it seems that when we are in any doubt at all, we ought to stay put. When we are uncertain, we ought to stay the course. When it is not perfectly clear that we must leave or when we haven’t received wide affirmation that it’s wise to leave, we ought to set aside thoughts of finding a new family and instead joyfully recommit ourselves to loving the family we are already part of.”

Is “My Song is Love Unknown” antisemitic?

You’ve probably never even considered this question. But somebody did. Dave Williams helpfully explains why they might have misunderstood.

4 keys to preaching from a manuscript

This is not one of those right or wrong issues. You have to do to what works for you. But I find manuscript preaching works for me and I think these four points are helpful for those who might try it, or who are wedded to it already.

Gary Neville won’t save Labour

This one is simple, funny and – let’s be honest – hard to disagree with.

From the archive: Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself

‘We assume our people are drinking in everything we say when the reality that that – whilst some of what we say goes in – they don’t hear all of it and they certainly don’t retain all they hear. There can be an assumption that if we keep saying certain things we are just rehashing old ground. But, in my experience, saying something once from the front doesn’t guarantee that people heard it and certainly doesn’t mean they will recall it should you say it a second time.’