Snippets from the interweb (17th April 2022)

As it is Easter Sunday, I thought I would focus today’s snippets on Easter themes.

For THIS very reason, Jesus came

‘It was for this purpose you came from eternity into time and space—not to be our exemplary model, but our perfect substitute.’

Troubled? Apply the resurrection

‘What are we to do, friends, when an uncertain future crowds our minds and hearts with fear and worry? Where are we to look for reassurance? Well, we should know. We look to the empty tomb. We look to the promise that one day we will meet our Lord Jesus in the clouds. His resurrection sealed the deal on our future.’

Easter week in real time

‘As we enter Holy Week—that sacred span from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday—here is a day-by-day breakdown of what Scripture tells us happened on each day.’

One of the most overlooked arguments for the resurrection

‘It is an often overlooked fact that provides the necessary context for the discussion. That fact is simply this: the earliest Christians came to believe, against all odds and against all expectations, that Jesus of Nazareth had been raised from the dead.’

Meat from the sky and the resurrection’s plausibility

‘The Kentucky Meat Shower was featured in newspapers and academic journals throughout the United States. Scientists offered a multitude of speculations about the cause. Early hypotheses ranged from airborne bacteria to vomiting vultures. Still, no one knows for certain how a half-bushel of raw meat fell from the heavens. The very idea of a meat shower seems absurd. And yet there are good reasons to think it really happened. Two of them can also help us trust the veracity of Jesus’s resurrection.’

Did Jesus suffer the Father’s wrath for all, or just the elect?

I agree with this one.

From the archive: The brutal reality if Jesus has not been raised

‘Even the apostles were clear on how easy it would be to discredit the entire Christian religion. This is the silver bullet that would destroy the religion overnight. Disprove the resurrection and the whole thing disintegrates.’