Easter snippets from the interweb (9th April 2023)

Why we follow some Old Testament laws and not others ‘Critics accuse Christians of conveniently picking and choosing from Old Testament laws. We’re quick to

Four reasons why this is a Good Friday?

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I thought I would re-post this old article on Good Friday and what is actually good about it at all.

What better day for a baptism than Easter Sunday?

Last year, we had the joy of a baptism on Easter Sunday. By some coincidence, this year, we will also have the joy of two

Snippets from the interweb (17th April 2022)

As it is Easter Sunday, I thought I would focus today’s snippets on Easter themes. For THIS very reason, Jesus came ‘It was for this

Opportunities at Easter may not arise where you think

As with a lot of our British annual cultural moments, Easter is not the slam dunk evangelistic opportunity for us as it is for many

Leave the New Atheists alone on their Holy days

Yesterday, Christians around the world celebrated Easter Sunday. Two days before that, they celebrated Good Friday. Both momentous events in history and the foundation upon

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