Are you qualified to talk about depression and ministry?

It’s been a couple of weeks since I mentioned that our new book – The Pastor with a Thorn in his Side – is coming out.

No doubt you’re wondering whether the people who have contributed to the book are remotely qualified to speak on the topic of ministry and depression. Well, first off, everyone who has written in the book is in a ministry role. They’re not all in the same roles. There are retired pastors, former missionaries, Assistant Pastors and serving pastors. But all of the people writing understand what it means to be in full-time Christian ministry.

Second, all the people writing chapters have suffered from depression. Some have had it a very long time, while others experienced it relatively recently. Some have faced it serious, ending up hospitalised and suicidal, whilst others have had it less seriously but have nonetheless been impeded significantly through it. Everybody writing knows what it is to have depression and to try to minister with it.

As if that wasn’t enough, one of the contributors put the following tweet out yesterday:

He not only knows what depression is like as a sufferer, and is in ministry, but has even written his Bible college dissertation on pastoring people who are suffering with depression in the church.

Why not check out the video below to find out more about why we have written this book and what is inside? You can find out more details – including book reviews and information on where you can pre-order copies – at our dedicated microsite. If you suffer from depression, you know someone who does or you just want to know how best to support others in your congregation who suffer this way, why not grab a copy? If nothing else, if you all buy it, we’ll stop going on about it.