Snippets from the interweb (11th April 2021)

Not what I expected!

My friend, Stephen Watkinson, explains how almost everything about where he has come from and where he is now is just not what he expected.

Pastors must be well thought of by outsiders

To be well thought of by outsiders it follows that we need to be known by outsiders.

Are miracles still possible and probable?

‘The most fundamental reason that people don’t believe the miracles in the Bible is because they already believe something else, namely, that miracles are impossible. In other words, they have a worldview that rules out the supernatural from the outset. Thus, it doesn’t really matter how good the evidence for a particular miracle might be. It doesn’t really matter how many eyewitnesses there are. Such factors are irrelevant. Any claim to the miraculous must be rejected in principle. Of course, this approach just raises the obvious question whether there are good reasons to think miracles are impossible.’

Sir Keir Starmer’s apology only reveals the intolerance of our so-called ‘diverse’ society

I commented on Keir Starmer’s visit to Jesus House here. David Robertson highlights some other concerning issues surrounding the fallout from that visit.

How should we understand the book of Revelation? (video)

We are currently studying Revelation on Sunday mornings at Oldham Bethel Church. This is a helpful three point answer in understanding that book.

The ministry of fear

Chris Green has been writing in the wake of the Jonathan Fletcher abuse scandal. I don’t share all of his views nor agree with every part of his posts, but this one – I think – is the best of those he has written.

From the archive: Focus on what you know, not what you feel

‘When the Lord says his Word will not return to him void, we have to believe that is what will happen. We have to accept that the Lord may be working despite what we do or don’t feel. Feelings are generally a terrible guide.’