Snippets from the interweb (27th December 2020)

We are literally broken by our hyperbole

Dave Williams: ‘If we are going to get along with one another in our communities and in our churches then we are going to need to rein in the hyperbole and open conversations designed to generate light and to convince rather than  manipulate and generate heat.’

Leading big change in a church (video)

Jonathan Leeman talks us through four key things (in about 2 minutes) that we need to do if we are going to lead big change in a church.

The most popular pornsite has the biggest scandal to date

‘Christians can thank God that, in his common grace, he used a difficult-to-read report to awaken the conscience of millions to some of the evil behind the porn industry. This victory contributes to the quest for greater pressure against pornographic sites that profit in criminal ways while governments around the world turn a blind eye.’

How do we challenge new believers from chaotic backgrounds?

The story outlined in this one will be familiar to anybody working in a deprived community. The big question is, how do address the multiple issues going on in the lives of new believers in our communities? This one offers some insight.

What is means to love Christ

Is love and action? Is it a feeling? Is it something else? This article helps us understand so that we can know what it really means to love Jesus.

The trinity is Grudem’s second edition

Given that Wayne Grudem’s views on the Eternal Functional Submission of the Son was a key driver in the discussions that unfolded a few years ago on the topic, this review by Denny Burk of Grudem’s second edition of his Systematic Theology is interesting. Also worth reading on this topic is Guy Davies’ argument against EFS and why being a bit more confessional might help.

From the archive: Church planting – what I was and was not saying

‘I am not anti-church planting. In fact, I am particularly well disposed to church planting. I have, indeed, been making calls for more churches to be planted… Given that I believe more churches need to be planted, I obviously expect somebody to do that work. I do not believe churches simply pop into existence… I am, however, dubious of the term ‘church planter’. I am not bothered that it is ‘trendy’ or the term du jour. I am dubious because of how I see it being applied.’