Monthly afternoon service: singing

Yesterday, we had our monthly afternoon service. We purposefully try to make it a different format to the morning service. Instead of systematically preaching through a book of the Bible, we take a theological topic, watch a relevant video and then break into small groups to discuss some questions. We come back together for a plenary feedback session and then we do the whole thing a second time to push our thinking a bit further.

This Sunday we took a look at singing and worship. Here is what we did:


  1. At the most basic level, why ought we to sing?
    • Psalm 95:1-2; Colossians 3:16
  2. What about church history makes singing vitally important? How might this be relevant in our context in Oldham?
  3. How does our singing affect what we believe and, consequently, how we behave as Christians?
    • Eph 5:15-20


  1. Why is it important to sing based on what we know rather than what we feel?
    • John 4:22-24; 1 Cor 14:15-17, 26
  2. What sort of things ought we to sing about?
    • 1 Chron 16:23; Psa 9:1, 11; Rev 5:9, 15:3
  3. How can we ensure, in our context, that our songs help us praise God for what we know about him?