Christmas snippets from the interweb (22nd December 2019)

Do we need to believe in Christ’s virgin birth?

‘You and I have the option, of course, of believing or disbelieving in the virgin birth. But if we disbelieve, we don’t get to call our tailor-made theology “Christianity.” Orthodoxy is not a buffet. The virgin birth is an essential tenet of Christianity — a first-order doctrine — and here is why.’

Why was Baby Jesus laid in a manger?

‘This time of year, the words roll right off the tongue. And every child’s first question is: What is a manger? When the teacher explains that it is a feeding trough for animals, the astute youth then wonders: Why was the baby laid there?’ More specifically, why did Luke include this detail in his account?

The comfort of the incarnation

‘Christmas can be hard because life can be hard. But there are lots of things to do with Christmas that can help us and comfort us. Jesus has come into our world and has become a human just like us.’

Think you know the Christmas story? Here are five common misconceptions

Here are five common views people believe about the Christmas story. None of them are in the Bible.

Santa vs the gospel

‘This “morality equals reward” Santa seems to be the dominant message of our day, yet it could not be more antithetical to the “not by works” gospel message that we find in Scripture. As a pastor, I have found that even many regular church-goers don’t understand or comprehend the gospel. This is why this “good news” must be told again and again and again.’

What we celebrate at Christmas

RC Sproul doing what RC Sproul does in this one.

From the archive: Why it is best for Christians to celebrate Christmas

‘For me, I think it is better for Christians to celebrate Christmas. I don’t mean ‘better’ as though that means biblically mandated, of course. It is a matter of wisdom. But better does mean better, as in preferable or (potentially) wiser. So why I do I think it is best for Christians to celebrate Christmas?’