If MoS can do it, so can I

I’ve had a very busy weekend. We had people with us for the weekend, who were great company and we enjoyed it very much. We went on to some other friends in another county, who are also excellent company and were – as usual – exceptionally kind to us, no sooner had we dropped the first set of friends off at the tram. We got back yesterday evening. So, needless to say, I was quite tired.

It seems the Mortification of Spin blog were similarly knackered. I opened my blog reader for the first time in several days to find they had posted the following:


Either they were doing a test or Carl Trueman hadn’t had his Weetabix. After all, he is moving to a new college I understand. Maybe, otherwise, they were too tired to think of anything better. Alas.

Anyway, if they can have an off-post, I can have a legit filler too. Sorry. It’s been a long – awesome, but nonetheless long – weekend. Normal service will (probably) resume tomorrow. Bear with me.