Could you join us in 2018? Training and apprenticeship options with funding available

At Oldham Bethel Church, we currently have roles available for a ministry apprentice and a pastoral trainee. We have options for one, two or four-year training programmes to suit your background and experience.

If you have no prior ministry experience, you can join us on a one-year placement, with the option for a further year extension, and study on the North West Partnership Ministry Training Course. There are four strands to the first year course: Biblical Theology, Exposition, Practical Ministry and Hands-on Training. The second-year course looks at doctrine and an in-depth study of Romans.

There are no prerequisites for the course and it is open to all regardless of educational background. The course is designed for those who have no prior ministry experience but wish to test the waters for future ministry. It also suits those who are interested in knowing their Bible better and want to learn how to handle it rightly, whether for personal study or for use in leading small group Bible studies and the like.

If you have prior ministry experience and wish to gain a formal qualification from a theological college, you could join us on a two-year placement on the Union School of Theology Graduate Diploma in Theology.

The Union School of Theology Graduate Diploma (GDip) is designed for those who already have a basic theological knowledge (either through a ministry training course or from private study) as well as some ministry experience. The GDip corresponds to Level 6 in the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (equivalent to the final year of a BA (Hons) degree). The GDip can be taken as a standalone programme or as the foundation for a Masters degree.

Alternatively, if you have no prior training but wish to train for the ministry, you could join us for two-years on the MTC and gain appropriate experience for entrance onto the two-year GDip. This route would give you excellent Bible handling skills and ministry experience providing a useful base from which to complete the GDip. This would give you a fully rounded theological education.

Alongside the formal training, we will enrol you onto our Urban Ministry Training Programme. Joining with us will give you opportunities to reach out with the gospel to the white urban unreached as well as involvement in ministry to Asian Muslims.

You will gain experience of engaging in apologetics with South Asian Muslims – predominantly from Pakistan and Bangladesh – as well as Bible study opportunities with Iranian and Afghan asylum seekers and white British indigenous Oldhammers. You will meet people from a range of backgrounds and gain insight into multicultural, multiethnic church.

We can give you training in how to deliver sermons to a multicultural congregation, delivering Bible studies to asylum seekers, white Brits and mixed groups, training in both cold-contact evangelism and sharing the gospel through friendship in an urban setting. You will gain insight into the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the white urban poor as well as issues affecting asylum seekers and the reality of being a South Asian Muslim in an industrial town in the North of England.

We currently have funding available to cover the course fees for the MTC (£550 per year) and GDip (£3300 per year), providing a £7700 fee waiver for the four-year placement. We will also provide expenses for anybody working with us for the duration of your placement with us. Whilst the role will require you to finance your own subsistence costs, we have some small grants available for exceptional circumstances.

If you would like to apply to join us on a placement, please get in touch using the contact form at the top of this blog. You can also find more information on the Pastoral Trainee role here and Ministry Trainee role here.

If you would like an application, we would require the following:

  1. A ministry CV detailing church background, ministry experience and employment history
  2. A covering letter outlining your testimony, why you are interested in the role, why you think you would be a good fit for our church and what you would bring to the role as a trainee
  3. A completed ministry profile (available on request) detailing theological views