Snippets from the interweb (31st March 2018)

As it’s Easter, I’m doing a Snippets double this week. Today is the usual set of interesting articles I read this week. Tomorrow, I will roundup some of the better Easter articles I read.

I’m not going THERE!

‘The real problem is that the church in the UK has bought into the British way of life to such an extent that we do not challenge the myth of the “middle-class” lifestyle. Jesus’ teaching in the Gospels paints the picture of a topsy-turvy world in which the first are last and the meek inherit the earth. It isn’t just ministers coming out of training college who need to be challenged to reach the needy rather than aspire to a comfortable life in the suburbs – everyone in the church needs to hear this call and be encouraged and empowered to to heed it.’

When the f-word is sadly appropriate

‘One can perform the act denoted by the f-word with anyone (indeed, with any thing). But one can make love only to the person with whom one is in love and with whom one has a relationship transcending immediate gratification. Srinivasan seems to have no idea that sexual love might actually have a beauty and significance that cannot be reduced to the simplistic categories of power, exploitation, and individual desire.’

The power of hate

‘The relationship between love and hate is very close. One of the observations I would make is the way so many people use ‘love’ as a badge that justifies their hatred. Go on an anti-hate march and feel the hate! Dare to question any of the current shibboleths in our culture and watch how the online mob expresses their hate for you, in the name of love.’

Serving the gospel in Oldham: England’s most deprived town

Union School of Theology has published this post about our new partnership with them. From September, we will be delivering their Theology GDip in Oldham as their Greater Manchester learning community.

Doing church Biblically can be messy

‘Doing church in a biblical way is often messy, difficult, and uncomfortable…  But biblical living is not about doing things the easy way. It can be easy, but many times it isn’t.’

Are “altar calls” a good idea? (video)

Mark Dever answers and I’m probably ruining absolutely no surprises by telling you that he thinks not. I agree with him that it’s an ‘open question’ and I also tend to agree with him that they’re generally not so helpful. I particularly agree, ‘the public ways we affirm somebody as a Christian are baptism and the Lord’s Supper.’

From the archive: The role of the pastor’s wife

‘There is no recognition in scripture of any such office (for those who do not recognise pastors, these same arguments apply to the office of elder too). The wife of a pastor, or specifically elder, is only mentioned as part of the qualifications for eldership in 1 Timothy 3:2 and Titus 1:6. In each case, the emphasis is on the man to be ‘the husband of one wife’. There is no instituting of an office in the church nor is there any definition of a specific role.’