Training opportunities with Oldham Bethel Church

If you are looking into theological training and a focus on urban ministry, you can now join Oldham Bethel Church and join us on either a 1, 2 or 4 year training programme to suit your particular situation and training needs.

Through our partnership with the North West Partnership, we can welcome a student onto their Ministry Training Course. The course involves a study day once per week plus additional reading. The course also includes written and presentational assignments. The course is open to anybody who has a desire to understand their Bible more and is keen to learn how to handle it better, whether in private study or for the purposes of delivering talks and studies. There are no prerequisites for the course and no prior level of formal education is required. You can complete just the first year of the course or you can stay on for a second year of training. Find out more here.

Through our partnership with Union School of Theology, Oldham Bethel Church has now become the Greater Manchester learning hub. We are able to offer the Graduate Diploma in Theology on site in Oldham. The course is equivalent to a third year BA (Hons) and requires a prior degree in any subject as well as some formal ministry experience or training. The course is completed over 2 years, with one day per week on-site at the learning hub. The programme can act as the foundation for a Masters degree in Theology. You can find out more about the course here.

Alongside either (or both) courses, you can enrol in our Urban Ministry Training Programme. The programme is designed to give hands-on training in mission and ministry to the white urban unreached and Asian Muslims. You will gain experience of apologetics to South Asian Muslims – particularly from Pakistan and Bangladesh – as well as Bible study opportunities to Muslim-background Iranians and Afghans. You will get to experience multicultural, multiethnic church and will receive training in how to deliver sermons to a multicultural congregation, delivering Bible studies to asylum seekers, white Brits and mixed groups, training in both cold-contact evangelism and sharing the gospel through friendship in an urban setting. For more information about the programme, click here.

You can join us for a one year apprenticeship, undertaking the first year MTC course and receive basic training from the Urban Ministry Training Programme. Alternatively, you can join us for 2 years and enrol in both years of the ministry training course whilst receiving more extensive training on the UMTP. If you have appropriate ministry experience, you can jump straight onto the GDip and receive the hands-on training on the UMTP over the 2 years of that course. Otherwise, you can join us for four years and complete both years of the MTC as well as the 2-year GDip alongside the UMTP.

Those who complete the GDip can either return to their sending church as a fully trained worker, may begin seeking ministry elsewhere or could stay working with us at Oldham Bethel Church. We have long-term plans to plant into several unchurched areas of the borough and we would love to be able to train a worker on the MTC and GDip with a view to sending them into a pioneer plant at a future date.

For more information about training opportunities, please visit the Oldham Bethel Church training page.