Snippets from the interweb (19th November 2017)

The problem with “want ads” in denominational magazines

Tim Challies, via Derek Thomas, nails this one. There is a problem with what our churches expect from prospective pastors.

Which of these false gospels do you believe?

JD Greer points out four false gospels that we may be tempted to believe. Each is a perversion of the real gospel of grace.

And so-and-so begat so-and-so

This is a really useful article on leading your family through the biblical genealogies. Though aimed at ‘family devotions’, this has really valuable application for personal study and preaching. It is very short but well worth a minute.

Dear Phillip

Matthew Hosier writes an open letter to Philip Schofield regarding his interview with the teacher suspended for using the wrong gender pronoun. Interestingly, as Matthew notes the inconsistency in Schofield’s approach compared to other interviews, it seems worth pointing out that even LGBT+ activist Peter Tatchell has said the suspension was ‘a bit harsh’.

The deconstruction of humanity

‘The relativist west has so heavily bought into the belief that reality is merely what we decide it to be. Ours has become a culture of radical subjectivity in which there is no such thing as objective truth. Everything is instead a matter of opinion and individual perception. Feelings trump facts every time. No-one’s lifestyle is to be considered wrong or inferior to anyone else’s. No judgment is to be permitted, except for the judgment that judgmentalism is wrong. What is right for me is what is right. What I declare something to be is what it is. I feel, therefore I am.’

The blessings of a bad reputation

Here is some helpful truth on reputation. It is a comfort to those of us who have been tarnished for seeking to honour the Lord and a challenge to those of us who tend to compromise for the sake of human approval.

From the archive: Is obedience necessary for salvation?

‘The short answer is: of course not! The slightly longer, and perhaps more accurate, answer is: not exactly but go and read James 2 and reflect upon Jesus words in John 8:3114:15, 23; Heb 10:26; and 1 John 3:9 (amongst other choice passages).’