Snippets from the interweb (1st October 2017)

Justification by faith alone

After a bit of discussion broke out on this blog last week over a video by Mike Reeves on purgatory, Stephen Watkinson helpfully explains the importance of justification by faith alone.

Views on the end times (infographic)

I really like Tim Challies infographics. His latest is a beautifully designed poster showing the different eschatological positions on the millennium. (If you’re interested, I happen to be a classical amillenialist). If you want to proudly own a particular millennialist label, or you want to get a broad understanding of the different views on the eschaton, you can do worse than starting here.

Should I force my teen to go to church

RC Sproul gives a simple and straightforward, yet helpfully nuanced, answer to this question.

Is belief in the Bible circular reasoning?

Yes and no. This article does a good job of explaining why everybody holds those beliefs that philosophers like to call ‘properly basic’.

What was Hugh Hefner in reality?

I find it hard to disagree with this assessment of Hugh Hefner in the Guardian. I struggle to see him as any sort of freedom fighting hero. Christian people should be more outraged by this than we are. We have handed guardianship of these arguments over to once, but no longer, radical feminists. Instead, we should be making common cause with them on this because they are absolutely right. (For a more Christian take, there is this).

How to think

Andrew Wilson reviews Alan Jacobs book How to Think. ‘Few people need to hear the challenge of How to Think more than those of us who frequent websites like this. Theologically conservative, high commitment, young(ish), literate Christians who enjoy debate and spend a lot of time online—people, that is, just like me—are exactly the sorts of people at risk of not thinking, as Jacobs defines it in this book.’

From the archive: why Giles Fraser is wrong about the virgin birth

‘Fraser seeks to make three main arguments as to why the virgin birth probably didn’t happen:
– It goes against the grain of the biblical narrative
– The bible doesn’t seem to major on it
– The word virgin is a mistranslation of the Hebrew
The problem with these three lines of argument is that none of them hold any water.’