Snippets from the interweb (6th July 2017)

12 pastoral commitments

I appreciated this clear statement of Biblical commitments for the pastor.

No platform high enough

Tim Challies offers a helpful reminder that if we are seeking satisfaction in anything but Christ, it will end up being nothing more than an unsatisfying idol.

When there is no ‘women’s ministry’

This article is equally relevant to the mirror question of whether we need specific ‘men’s ministry’ or, indeed, any ministry apart from the regular weekly gathering. How far do we need specialised programmes and ministries to effectively minister to our people?

The problem with the Tories transgender agenda

Conservative blogger, Archbishop Cranmer, notes the problem with the Conservative Party allowing people to officially self-identify their gender: ‘the Chairwoman of the Women and Equalities Committee has confirmed the emergence of a new gender inequality in law: presently, natal women cannot commit rape but transgender women patently can… This means that transgender women will be treated differently in law to natal women, and that’s… well, it’s called gender discrimination, and it’s Maria Miller’s task to stamp all that out because it isn’t fair.’

Implicit class bias

In the second of a two part post (the first of which is also worth reading), Duncan Forbes is spot on about implicit class bias. Are we more inclined to believe people simply because of their class or background? The answer to a few simple questions will show that all of us suffer from this tendency to a lesser or greater extent.

Working Christian women

I found this a helpful and interesting article on working Christian women. I am not sold on everything in the article but it was a useful corrective on some of our attitudes to women that work in the church.

From the archive: Promising to be true to myself

‘I am not remotely bothered that Brownies who probably don’t love God are no longer pledging that they do. Rather, it is concerning they deem it better to vow to be “true to myself”.’