Snippets from the interweb (30th July 2017)

Choosing elders

Clint Archer encourages us not to fall into the “Warren Harding Error” when deciding whom to appoint as elders.

The Pastor as church member

On the subject of church leadership, I really appreciated this simple yet extremely helpful emphasis by Jared Sparks. Your pastor is also a fellow church member.

A high view of marriage includes divorce

The church has occasionally done great damage in its teaching on divorce. I am grateful for the gospel clarity in this article: ‘Divorce does not end a covenant. It protects the spouse whose covenant has been violated—a picture of covenant protection in the face of human unfaithfulness. Always discouraging divorce, always making it a last, desperate option that really fails to show gospel power, implies that we know more about marriage than God does and value it more highly. If there are legitimate reasons for divorce, then making divorce look like a lesser option is wrong. God allows it: who are we to discourage people from choosing a biblical option?’

Particular Baptists & the outpouring of the Spirit

Michael Haykin continues his series on my denominational forebears, the Particular Baptists. Here, he notes the disquiet of many Particular Baptists regarding the 18th Century Evangelical Revival on the grounds that the Lord appeared to be working through Church of England ministers. Yes, I know, even them!

6 ways to teach your kids to read the Bible

Here are some simple and effective ways to help your children read and understand the Bible.

How might a pioneer church plant happen?

Excepting one or two of the minor details, this is a very helpful overview of how a pioneer church plant might begin. This is precisely the same approach we would aim to take in the four areas we have identified locally in Oldham. It is also worth looking at the opportunities we have available for Ministry Trainees and Church Planters at Oldham Bethel Church here.

From the archive: When are the covenant signs appropriate for children?

‘If they are professing faith, have been baptised according to the command of Christ then there can be no reason to deny them admission to the communion table. Like any other baptised church member, unless there is some evidence of ongoing unrepentant sin, what possible reason is there to deny either ordinance?’