Snippets from the interweb (16/07/2017)

How to pray for your pastor

You, of course, pray for your church leaders, don’t you? Here are some excellent things you can pray for your pastor. If you pray them, they will work to your advantage too.

Limited atonement

Kevin DeYoung offers a short and simple introduction to the doctrine of Particular Redemption (or, Limited Atonement).

Progressivism and the death of expertise

‘The distrust of expertise is responsible for most of the aspects of modern society lamented by progressives: Brexit, Trump, isolationism, climate change denial, and so forth. Yet, paradoxically, their narrative is partly responsible for it.’

How can a young child be saved? (video)

This is a great answer to a common question. Can a young child become a Christian and, if so, how do we know it with any confidence?

Three responses to Eugene Peterson

Quotes from Tim Keller, John Stott and Sam Allberry address Eugene Peterson’s seeming affirmation of same-sex marriage. Peterson has issued a statement of retraction, which Denny Burke has reproduced and asked some helpful, further questions (it is worth reading that here).

The madness of football transfers

The author of this piece in the Guardian makes a much better, and wider, point than the footballing value of Kyle Walker: ‘How are historians of the future going to explain a society that has dragged itself on under austerity for seven years and yet smiles benignly at a decent right-back going for £50m?’

From the Archive: Tax avoidance, tithes and total depravity

As tax avoidance schemes have been back in the news this week, it seemed appropriate to return to this article: ‘The issue is clear. It is not fundamentally one of the tax system (though that is an issue) but one of sin. Given the chance, the human heart will exploit whatever means it can for greed and gain.’