Article in Evangelicals Now – May Edition

Evangelicals Now have just published an article regarding our work with Iranian converts in Oldham. This is a version of an article which first appeared in the Oldham Chronicle.

We continue to see good numbers of Iranian people coming into the church and bearing fruit. It is a joy to see conversions, baptisms and individuals going on to serve the Lord in Oldham and, often times, elsewhere later on.

We are still looking for a Ministry Trainee to come and join us for September. Details of the role can be found on the FIEC job board and North West Partnership ‘ministry opportunities’ page.

We are looking for gospel-hearted people who have a desire to reach Muslim people, particularly those from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh as well as second and third generation British Muslims. We would also be keen to talk to people interested in reaching the white British urban unreached. Although our church is sited in a predominantly Asian area, we are in close proximity to several almost exclusively white British estates.

We would also be glad to talk to anybody who, though perhaps not looking for a ministry trainee role, might be interested in planting either on white working class estates or amongst Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslim people. We would love to talk about the possibility of joining us for a period of time with a view to being sent out to plant within Oldham borough. The area is woefully under-churched, with several areas and estates having no discernible gospel witness. If this is of interest to you, please get in touch.

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