As conference season is upon us, don’t forget your church

Conferences can be a real blessing. It can be great, if you are a regular preacher, to get away and hear somebody else preaching and

What makes a good day off?

Yesterday was my day off. As sometimes happens, we were in and out all day. Lots of little jobs we had to do. Various little

Why Jesus came and how it impacts our approach to Christmas

At Christmas, many are now thinking about Jesus coming into the world. Not just the fact that he came, but the reason for his coming.

What are the benefits of conventions & conferences?

Your kids can’t get a new father but you can get a new phone

A few weeks ago I got an email on my day off. The email was from a solicitor asking whether I would write a statement

Consider Oldham for a holiday?

I have a good friend who once told me they were some of the only people in the world who took their family holidays in

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