The dangerous epidemic in the church for which the Lord will hold us accountable

There is an epidemic in Evangelical Churches. And this epidemic has caused far more serious problems and destroyed far more people than the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep preaching & expect different results

They say madness is doing the same thing over and over again whilst expecting a different result. Just doing the same old same old and

We chat about what we love

This Christmas, my son got Minecraft. Personally, I don’t get it. In fact, we went to a friends house over Christmas holidays, whose children were

Aim to make yourself understood

At the beginning of the year, we are all prone to start thinking about resolutions and whatnot. I have spoken recently about that more generally.

Why do we have the baptismal process we do?

We are just talking with somebody about potentially baptising them. In fact, we have a series of people at slightly different stages of our process.

Managing expectations in deprived communities

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