Advent Creep

Though we don’t want to reinvent them, we might need different wheels

I sometimes wonder whether we lack a bit of imagination and a level of independence. Which is not great if you are an *ahem* Independent.

People often come, not because of what you do, but because of what you are

One thing that has been impressed on me over and over again in ministry is that very little happens specifically because of what we do.

Total consistency is impossible – Jesus says so!

I am quite big on consistency. I like to believe that I think both logically and consistently (no doubt other opinions on how I think

Comfort that a command is not universal suggests we are the very people to whom Jesus would issue the command

I am just in the process of preparing a sermon from Matthew 19. As I was reading RT France’s commentary in the Tyndale New Testament

Theology breakfast: plan and purpose

As many regular readers will know, last year we launched our Theology Breakfasts. The setup is simple enough. On Sunday morning, before the church service,

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